Our access portals are SSL secured for the highest levels of security. Mail is labeled and scanned into the system so it can be tracked and accounted for every step of the process. Storage locations cannot be accessed by anyone who is not an employee. Staff is trained to follow security protocols and how to maintain customers’ privacy during all levels of handling. Items are never opened unless we are instructed by the customer to do so and when that occurs, it is done in a highly secure area and all mail is immediately returned to secure storage after processing is complete.

Mail Forwarding Service

Our mail forwarding service includes options for both business and personal accounts.

You will receive notifications when you receive mail. From your account, you can choose what happens to each piece of mail. You will have access to a number of addresses that you can initially have your mail sent to for us to process. Once your mail is received on our end, you can choose what address to have it forwarded on to you. We can forward your mail to any viable address anywhere in the world. Once you designate where you would like your mail to go, you should receive it at the designated address within a few days.

We do not mark-up the shipping charges. We deal with all major carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL) and we choose the best and least costly option available that meets your needs. There is a nominal handling fee assessed for each item processed.

The shipping options also permit you to choose not only the shipping carrier but the speed. Obviously, the quicker methods will cost you a bit more money.

For your added convenience and savings, our staff will consolidate packages whenever possible.

No other company offers you this many options and flexibility.

On-Line Access

Reviewing your mail and designating its final disposition couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is log into your account and select the preferred options for each piece of mail. You can work on a piece-by-piece basis and let us know if you want us to forward the item and if so, to which address you would like it sent. You can also mark the item for disposal if it is something you do not deem important. All mail is shredded and disposed of in a manner that is created to eliminate the chances of identity theft by “dumpster divers” and trash pickers.

If there is an item you are unsure of or need to know what the contents are immediately, you may give our staff permission to open the item. We will photograph the contents and send the photos for your review so you can then decide how to proceed.

Confidentiality and privacy are maintained at all times and we are continuously monitoring and upgrading our security measures.

Secure Scanning

For our customers that choose the option to have a piece of correspondence opened by our staffe, you can be secure in the knowledge that every safety and security protocol is followed. Mail is opened in a secure area and items are scanned into a secure system. They are typically scanned in color and converted to PDF format for optimum readability. Your scanned items will be available for your review within one day of your initial request.

Once the items are scanned, the contents are returned to the original packaging and returned to our secure storage location while we await further instructions on its disposition from you.

Recycling and Shredding Programs

When a customer designates an item for disposal, it is shredded and recycled. Our recycling rate currently stands at 80%.

There are a couple of benefits to shredding unwanted items. First, and most obvious, is the benefit to the environment. Reducing waste is one of our main goals and everything in our facilities that can be recycled is as part of a community or government initiative.

Secondly, it is one of the simplest and most effective ways to combat identity theft. By shredding customers’ mail, it makes it incredibly difficult for thieves to obtain any type of identifying information from those items.

Junk mail is automatically marked for disposal and does not count toward your plan limits.

Still Have Questions?

Though we have tried to be as thorough as possible, we understand you may have additional questions. Check out our FAQs for more information. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to send us a ticket through the available link on our website.

  • Our family loves to travel and fortunately we are able to take a number of extended vacations each year. The problem is that my wife worries about the mail and bills piling up and our kids are anxious about getting their online orders (there are a lot!). While we are away,’s Mail Forwarding Service handles all of our incoming mail and deliveries. We have the utmost confidence in them and everybody can relax and enjoy our vacations.

    Regena Liebig

  • I am a recent entrepreneur and am working hard to establish my business and gain a presence in my field of interest. However, I find myself inundated with correspondence from financial institutions, prospective vendors, realtors offering to find me space. I do not have time to deal with all this mail but I am afraid to disregard it all because of the chance legitimate mail is getting overlooked in the process. I love the mail service because they weed through all the mail and I get to pick and choose which items I truly need.

    Elvin Kubacki

  • I was recently promoted and now spend a lot of time on the road. Because I spend so much time away from home, my mail really starts to pile up. allows me to address all my mail through my account login. All I need to access the information is an active internet connection.

    Sheridan Dewey

  • My family is ecstatic over my new job and our new move to Dubai. However, they are not so thrilled with the lack of online sites that will deliver to us overseas. I need to keep them happy, so I took a friend’s advice and signed up with They allow my family to shop at all their favorite sites that won’t ship internationally.

    Oscar Kendra

  • I have a lot of commitments, both personal and business related. I hate going through piles of mail and usually let is pile up until I can’t take it anymore. I found and their mail forwarding service. I find the service very inexpensive, but it is priceless to me. I love the convenience it offers.

    Gertrud Rockett

  • I really love to shop. I also spend a lot of time overseas visiting my parents. It bums me out that I can’t shop online like I normally do because of the restrictions on international shipping. allows me to shop as I normally do AND get my stuff delivered to me regardless of my location.

    Riley Wooton

  • I was getting a lot of pushback from my business contacts about the costs of their phone communications with me. They were paying on correspondence with me. It was starting to affect those relationships. I signed up with and that gave my contacts and business partners a U.S. address to send all communications to, alleviating high international rates. What a lifesaver for me and my company.

    Georgetta Hause

  • I love the convenience and peace of mind that the mail forwarding option gives me. I definitely feel I will continue with the service for the foreseeable future.

    Gabriele Chouinard

  • We are a start-up company and are running a very small staff. Our time is precious and we can’t afford to have staff tied up with menial tasks. makes it very affordable to have them handle our incoming mail and deliveries. With just a few minutes a day, we can review our incoming correspondence and select what pieces are important and which ones can be disregarded.

    Roosevelt Vickrey

  • I am very protective of my private information. I choose to not publicize my home address whenever possible. gives me access to an official, legal address that I can use for all correspondence, leaving my private information private.

    Felisha Cathcart

  • Our business was in need of new space. I found out that could handle searching for and negotiating for a new location on our behalf. They far exceeded our expectations.

    Ralph Malbon

  • We love They have proven themselves to be dependable and trustworthy and have handled all of our inventory needs in a most satisfactory manner.

    Albert Shoffner

  • We weren’t exactly on the cutting edge of technology, but helped to correct that for us. They set us up to be able to interface with them which provided instantaneous information about our shipments and real time communications.

    Tonisha Meyer

  • Our company owner makes it a point to only do business with companies who share our philosophy and commitment to the environment. passed his strict requirements and we know they are as serious as we are about improving recycling rates each year.

    Santana Moises

  • Our sales department was reporting that a large number of our customers were disappointed that they could not purchase our products as variety packs. We felt that we could not only keep our current customers happy by offering the variety option, but we would be able to attract new ones as well. We spoke with our contacts at and they assured us that it was no problem to create such a variety pallet option at their facilities. They really helped us to excel and bring on new business. They definitely know what they are doing and have their customers’ best interests at heart.

    Marybelle Shupp

  • We were really floundering when it came to the logistics end of our business. A business associate suggested we check out After researching their company and speaking with them, we agreed they were the right fit for us. They have been a real asset and help for us.

    Danial Friedel

  • I was directed to find a way to reduce our shipping costs. I was getting nowhere trying to negotiate on my own. I ran across and took a chance on them. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and it even earned me a promotion!

    Taneka Poling

  • Our marketing department keeps us on our toes. They are forever coming up with new promotions to increase sales, but much of it requires reconfiguring of our products at the pallet level. That’s where comes in. They take each of our requests in stride and manage to successfully satisfy the demands of our marketing reps.

    Shemika Snay

  • We were a little skeptical that could handle the strict storage requirements placed on our inventory, even after multiple assurances from them. Now we know better. There is no need to worry, they have it all well in hand and have protocols in place to identify those products and store them in the appropriate conditions to protect our assets.

    Kristal Schuetz

  • found us a new location at a great price. Once we had it, we realized we had no real planning on how to best use the space. That’s when we discovered could also help us with designing the layout of the space and how to best set up our operations for maximum efficiency. Who knew?

    Homer Mcwhite


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